We are here to fill in the below gap.

  • To reduce the strain (worries, pressure) and confusion prevalent among the student and parents in and after secondary education.

  • Under-Employment or Unemployment existing in the society because of lack of awareness of one’s strength and weakness.

We have large number of unemployed or underemployed workforce in the society.

Have you ever wondered why?

Career decision are made without proper analysis of the students strength and weakness.

Planning is an important aspect in shaping of a successful career, lack of awareness and knowledge lead to career gap.

Career being one of the important decision in life, is taken usually on the some of the below mentioned traditional ways

  • Career decision is usually imposed by parents on children without knowing the area of interest and strength and weakness of the child and the its market value.

  • Many students go for the popular regular courses available without analysing its market value from particular institution or college

  • Peer pressure also tend students to pursue career which they realise later as a wrong decision

  • Deciding on a career path early in life without knowing outcome of the course.

  • Decision taken without proper calculation of expenses to be incurred

  • Lack of proper guidance to the parent/ students on how to opt for more accurate choice in a professional way

How Myfuturebook.com is answer to the above worries?

  • It caters the need of students from Standard 6-12.

  • Get registration done with myfuturebook portal.

  • Update the profile.

  • Update the marks/grades obtained in all the term exam of school on regular basis.

  • Participate in daily subject wise test. Two subject in a day of -10 min each.

  • Appear for Intelligent Quotient(IQ) test once in Month.

Outcome/Way forward once you are part of myfuturebook family

  • After the complete analysis of the marks obtained in test, School result and IQ level we will know the subject wise strength and weakness of students, IQ level and area of Interest.

  • We will suggest three career options suitable for the candidate on the basis of analysis.

  • Suggestions for Improvement to achieve the career goal will be provided as and when required.

  • We also provide details of the best Institution/college for the suggested career.

  • Personalised Career Expert advice.

  • We will provide for virtual tour to the work area of your desired career to give you more clear motive.

Benefits of myfuturebook for student, parents and school

  • Once you initiate the process the expert analysis will give your child the clear vision towards their AIM in life without any dilemma.

  • Set your child above the competition with proper guidance and regular evaluation by our team of experts.

  • For schools and institutes compete performance details of the registered students will be available in a single click.

Why we are different.

  • We will share timely performance report of the student with parent through mail/sms for their information and evaluation.

  • For schools and institutes compete performance details of the registered students will be available in a single click.

  • School can use this tool for performance analysis of students as well as teachers.

  • It can be used as Performance Tracking System.

  • School,Parent and student can moniter the continuous Improvement.

  • Early detection of the area of strength and weakness of students will help in better planning of the career goal as clear goal moto in life.

  • We create career awareness at budding stage and also provide all required help to achieve the same.

  • Our virtual tour facility to the desired career goal of the child will give them a clear vision and motive to thrive it.

Benefit to the society and government at Large.

  • Improvement in quality of education by periodic analysis of results.

  • Guidance and professional advice to achieve the desired career goal.

  • Knowing the nature of interest at a building stage of a student will help in moulding the career in right direction. This will substantially reduce the Underemployment and unemployment.

  • Parents can plan better on expenses to be incurred on higher education.

  • It will promote the concept of digital India.

  • Accurate data of young generation will help government in framing literacy programme.

  • It will prepare students for the upcoming challenges of the corporate world and make the more compitive.

  • One active platform for all the students of the country.

  • This platform can be used as exclusively as a medium of knowing sharing and performance evaluation for students.