• Q.1:-
    Why students should register with Myfuturebook (MFB)?
  • Ans:-

    We help students studying in secondary classes analysing their area of strength and weakness, so they can aim for their career with a clear vision.We create career awareness at budding stage to horn their skills early to achieve the desired goal in life. We have a dedicated team of experts for career counselling.

Why the prevalent system ofchoosing career does not always lead to success or give self-contentment in life?


Career decisionare made without proper analysis of the student strength and weakness.

Planning is an important aspect in shaping of a successful career, lack of awareness and knowledge lead to career gap.

Career being one of the important decision in life, is taken usually on the some of the below mentioned traditional ways:

  • Career decision is usually imposed by parents on children without knowing the area of interest and strength and weakness of the child and the its market value.

  • Many students go for the popular regular courses available without analysing its market value from particular institution or college.

  • Peer pressure also tend students to pursue career which they realise later as a wrong decision.

  • Deciding on a career path early in life without knowing outcome of the course.

  • Decision taken without proper calculation of expenses to be incurred.

  • Lack of proper guidance to the parent/ students on how to opt for more accurate choice in a professional way.

How does MFB work?


  • It caters the need of students from Standard 6-12.

  • Get registration done with myfuturebook portal.

  • Update the profile.

  • Update the marks/grades obtained in all the term exam of school on regular basis.

  • Participate in dailysubject wise test. Twosubjects in a day of 10 min each.

  • Appear for Intelligent Quotient(IQ) test once in Month.

How the MFB can help you in taking the right decision?


  • After the complete analysis of the marks obtained in school term exam,test and IQ level(conducted by MFB) we will know the subject wise strength and weakness of students, IQ level and area of Interest.

  • We will suggest three career options suitable for the candidate on the basis of analysis.

  • Suggestions for Improvement to achieve the career goal will be provided as and when required.

  • We also provide details of the best Institution/college for the suggested career.

  • We provide personalised Career counselling.

  • We will provide for virtual tour to the work area of your desired career to give you more clear motive.

If students and parent are unable to fill in the results of term school exam on MFB web under some unavoidable circumstances then how MFB would assist?


MFB have dedicated call centre to assist the students and results could be sent to us through an email or on WhatsApp along with the allotted User ID. MFB team would update the details within 48 hours of receipt.

Are school grades sufficient in taking a career decision?


Well we cannot deny that the school results play major role in decision making. MFB has developed its own method of evaluation

For accurate evaluation MFB will conduct subject wise online test. Two subjects in a day of 10 min each and an Intelligent Quotient(IQ) test once in Month. Which will further explore the potential of the student in a particular area.

Whether MFB provide information on variouscompetitive exams, institutions and their placement record?



Whether MFB send alert on due date of competitive exams, form filing dates and other required information pertaining to the course?



Whether MFB provide the required information on the cost involved in pursuing a particular course from an Institution?



In case if a student/ parent themselves select a particular career goal, will MFB provide assistance in pursuing the same?


Yes, student can avail counselling on the desired career path and MFB will provide counsellingon end to end basis.

What are the charges of MFB?


We will charge a nominal fee of Rs. 100/- pm Only.

How can we process the payment?


Payment can be made eitherby Cash/ Cheque or via net banking.

Which class students should get registration with MFB?


MFB program is designed for the secondary students i.e. standard 6 to 12.

When should I get the registration done and why?


We advise students in Std 6 to 12 to get themselves registered with us as it is always advisable tostart early to get more accurate and reliable analysis report of your performance and area of interest.

Can student and parent have one to one communication with the career counselling team of MFB apart from an email or written communication?


Yes, students and parent can connect over audio or video call with our career expert with a prior appointment. Before the call we advise students to appear for at least one year online test and update two years academic result.

As parent how can we get regular update of my child performance?


We will share performance report of the child with parent through mail/sms for their information and evaluation on weekly basis. You can also view the scorecard by login into the MFB portal.

As principal/ Head of School can we get information about the performance of our students in the IQ and test conducted by MFB?


We will provide a login ID and Password of MFB, wherein you can see the performance of the students registered with MFB, class wise, term wise, subject wise at any moment of time. This will work as a tool of performance evaluation on your finger tip.