My Future Book is a venture launched by Amexis Edutech Private Limited. It has been rated among top 25 innovative ideas by eBay foundation in start-up challenge 2017.


Myfuturebook moto is to empower students to make right career decision. It is a learning community that support and timely evaluate student performance and helps in shaping the career in right direction.

It teaches new way to learn and provides access to the digital resources which support the enquiry based learning across the curriculum. The program is designed to lay the foundation stone of a successful career.

Set above the competition with proper guidance and regular evaluation by our team of experts.

Vision & Motive

Our vision is to empower students to make a right career choice and to encourage them to pursue a career in their area of interest to optimise their potential.

Guidance to the parent/ students on how to opt for more accurate choice in a professional way which lead to self-contentment.

We aim to help students to identify and achieve their career aspirations.

It is a :

A Career Protecting App

A Education Management App

A system for selection of Career in Most Scientific and Professional Way.

A tool to track performance of Students.

A tool to achieve career Goal

A tool to remove the weakness of Students.

A tool to enhance the growth of students.

Students Management App.

Teacher Performance Management App

Tuition teacher performance App

A handholding App to the Parent for Education and Career of their kids.

A tool for proper evaluation of Students on continuous basis.

At the core myfuturebook.com works as a career guide for students with details analysis in three unconventional ways: According to preferred Career Choice of Students, Performance in their school Examination with online quizzes and Extra Curriculum Activities they are involved in. Starting from these analysis reports and guidance; it also enables you to participate in career counseling programs with Expert in the different fields, weather it is from the field of academics or any other/additional activities like - Sports, Music, Dance, Art etc. We also provide information about the wider range of latest career trend.

Myfuturebook.com offers digital products such as E-books, Study Materials, Practice Lessons, syllabus, question papers, and important questions as per syllabus. We also provide notes, school exam question papers with solutions, animated and multimedia lessons and content,online tests etc.

Our services and solutions lies in the methodology of providing and empowering Students, Parents, Teachers and Schools with well-focused and purposed E-learning content and assessment solutions to progressively improve Students career learning through continuous performance measurement, analysis, career advice and learning support.

Our (My Futurebook.com) aim is to assist students and parent to provide a platform to take a correct decision about the career in a professional and scientific way not as it is taken today.

Our Mission

All the Students and their parent should have career goal right from the initial stage and we provide hand holding support during this journey till success.

Students should not be a direction less towards his/her goal.

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